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The iPhone's feature set is too limited to appeal to business users and normal people will quickly find out that the iPhone isn't quite the Jesus Phone as some (hell, us) have proclaimed it to be. That's the opinion of a Current Analysis analyst, who predicts a "backlash" as soon as people find out just what the iPhone does and does not do. (Current Analysis helps companies "effectively anticipate and counter competitive threats, and win more business.") Apple may also find itself in hot water with the early adopters who are expected to buy the cellphone for one reason: people like real buttons and not touchscreens.


The analyst, Avi Greengart, maintains that people prefer the tactile feedback offered by real buttons as opposed to touchscreen technologies. (Where have I heard that before?) He also cites the current lack of games and GPS functionality as another reason why potential customers may be put off. Put a check mark next to "lack of 3G" and "small hard drive" on your list of complaints, since Greengart mentions those, too.


Now, many of these are valid complaints, many of which we've already seen before. On the other hand, is the word "backlash" too strong in this case? Will people actually march on Cupertino to demand that their third-party apps be able to run on the iPhone? Or is Greengart just a hack analyst trying to sell a few more magazine subscriptions?

Exclusive: 'iPhone just isn't enough' - analyst [MacWorld UK]


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