Are you getting blank stares from members of the opposite sex when you gush about your iPhone? Believe it or not, there were some women who waited in line for an iPhone, too. So whether you're male or female, is the iPhone worth lusting after? Either way, there's something mildly titillating about this video by Ilana Donna.

That said, we're thinking the iPhone may not be the best choice of topics for dinnertime conversation, judging from the reaction from some of the females around here. But maybe we just haven't done a good enough sales pitch, reminding the ladies that the iPod and cellphone are now one, taking up less space in the purse and giving them one less object to lose. And there's video, you can watch videos on it. And, and... perhaps we've worn out our welcome.

Ilana Donna: iPhone of the Sexes [Bloggin' With Amaldo]