iPhone Mod Thinks Differently

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With iPhones selling like hot cakes that have web browsing, call making and photo taking capabilities, it is hard to make your device really sit out from the crowd. Well, Mark over at Geek Technique has given his iPhone a rather striking retro black paint job, topped off with the old technicolor Apple logo. We think the Newton/iPhone love child looks rather dashing; don't believe us? Check out the gallery below:


If it were not for the fact you have to take an aerosol can to your iPhone to reach the desired effect, we would be on board for the redesign to our Jesus phone's casing. As it is, we think we shall give it a miss. Mark has a step by step run through of how he arrived at the end product over at Geek Technique. If you're feeling brave/stupid, give it a whirl and send us the pictures of your remorseful face when it all goes horribly, horribly wrong. Just like that time you unwittingly agreed to a threesome—horribly, horribly wrong. [Geek Technique]