iPhone Non-News: Suits, Fake Wrist Watches and Non-Impact on Earnings

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iPhone UI Cribbed for Watches: It was only a matter of time before someone stole the iPhone UI for a watch. Unfortunately, this product has a video page that says "coming soon" and has the Sony Ericsson Walkman UI on another screen. What we're seeing is a fake of a fake. This is why its non-news. I won't even dignify the company with a mention, but the link comes from the ever-fun Random Good Stuff Blog. Good find, guys.


For all the iPhone Non-News you can handle, read on.

Going Corporate: Apparently Cingular is trying to sell the iPhone to IT departments. I don't think "awesome music phone with quasi keyboard" is going to fly with the accountants. Palm and BBerry have this territory nailed, fellas.

Earnings Today: Have iPod sales dipped without news of a new model and in anticipation of the iPhone? The webcast is later today, and you can hear it live. Or you cannot, as Fake Steve says.

Just put those shares away someplace safe and forget about them. Come back in 10 years and be prepared to smile.

(With Fake Steve making sweet statements like that, you have to wonder how he earned his lawsuit in the first place.) Business 2.0, and Philip Elmer-DeWitt are all over the call, even liveblogging it. We'll give you a succinct recap later, but I'll stick to liveblogging keynotes.

iPhone Non-news [Gizmodo]


I can't wait till the iPhone comes out with a completely different GUI and Steve is all like "Oh snap! I'm totally roofleing over here. Go back to design school you n00bs cause you're all MacWorld 2007 up in this piece."

I really do wish that would happen but it wont.