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iPhone Photography Collection By a Real Photographer

Illustration for article titled iPhone Photography Collection By a Real Photographer

Chase Jarvis, a guy who's a good enough photographer that Nikon asked him to advance test the Nikon D90, just put out a photo-book called "The Best Camera Is The One That's With You". He only used an iPhone.


With just the iPhone's 2-megapixel camera, Chase was able to capture—over the course of a year—some pretty interesting sights. Many of the photos aren't high resolution quality works that you'd expect from a pro, and a lot of them look like Polaroids you dug up from a shoebox in the attic, buried from the '70s, but they all serve a point.


We all have cameras with us, so if you're looking to better your photography, even if it's just with the camera you have attached to your phone, Chase's book may give you some inspiration—if not on composition and style, then just on the fact that you can take decent enough photos with your phone.

It also helps if you use Chase's iPhone App Best Camera, which does a little bit of processing/editing right on the phone. Reader Bryan also tells us Chase used some of these editing enhancements for the photos in the book, just to spice them up a bit. [Amazon]

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I really love the photos i take with the iPhone. I have a good lumix with which i take most of my photos, but I use the iphone as a sort of modern LOMO camera.

The iphone is bad quality turned into style, it reminds me of the Wabi Sabi Japanese concept applied to photos.

It's the eye that makes the photo, and as a photo journal tool it works wonders to capture any moment that arises unexpectedly.

My comment should not be understood as a delusion about the 2Mp camera, but more a praise of a new Lo-Fi toy for some.