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iPhone Ringtone Remixed Into 90's RPG Soundtrack: Listen Here

Illustration for article titled iPhone Ringtone Remixed Into 90s RPG Soundtrack: Listen Here

Last week, we posted the iPhone ringtone Steve Jobs showed us at the Keynote. Yay! Then we were asked to take it down. Awww. But not before some reader transcribed the ringtone into sheet music. Which many readers have gone on to make into personalized versions, including this full on song by music education student Craig Reynolds. It's freaking good! But maybe I think that because it reminds me of a Final Fantasy VII cutscene, and well, I'm a nerd burger.


Craig Reynolds 90's RPG styled iPhone ringtone remix.
Grade: A+ if you like Final Fantasy.


iPhone ringtone remix...with a beat.
Grade: A if you frequently use the word "Funky", "Fresh" or "Funky Fresh". I'm talking to you Chris Baker!
Kevin Hower's garageband-made symphonic remix.
Grade: B, but only because he merely dropped it into garageband. If you like simple tones, this one ain't bad. Maybe it's even a little majestic.

iPhone [Gizmodo]

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Brian, I have to disagree with you. Do you honestly believe that a phone made by Apple is "the most significant gadget this decade"? If that's what you truly believe, then I think you should create a post as to why you think this, with points backing you up. Perhaps create a poll where readers can select "the most significant gadget this decade", and leave lots of room for comments.

Also, I have to agree with one of the comments I read in a previous post... when is this site's name going to change to iGizmodo? Lots of Apple fanboy lust overtaking what the Giz was originally intended for.