iPhone Scientifically Rated (Verdict: Great Call Quality)

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Wirelessinfo knows what they're talking about when it comes to cellphone calls. They're the Mythbusters of cellphones, pulling out all sorts of scientific equipment to determine whether call quality is good—not just doing a "oh, this sounds good" test. Their results for the iPhone? Best they've seen.


It scores higher on the frequency response test compared to the BlackBerry 8800, Helio Ocean, LG Prada, Nokia N95 and the Treo 750. The audio quality is great as well, as is the send frequency response. The iPhone did have a bit of "side tone", which is the amount that you hear yourself in a conversation.

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I decided to go ahead and stand in line (actually bought a foldup chair with me) and wound up waiting 8 hours to be the 20th person in line. As a result I was on my way back home at 6:23PM. Had the phone set up and working by 7:30...

The call quality IS Excellent. In fact, I have been impressed since February 3rd, when I switched to AT&T so that I could clear the road to the iPhone, because I was able to get 2 bars of power from inside in my home. (Verizon couldn't even give me that) ... I bought the Moto RAZR back then, it was cheap and a good looking phone.

Without a doubt, the iPhone is the best cell phone I have ever owned. I get 4 bars of service in my home, so I am now officially going to disconnect my home landline and use the iPhone (my wife got one too) as my primary phone.

The most startling thing about the iPhone is that is works EXACTLY like the TV commercials and online videos on Apple.com.. It is as fast as they show, as easy to use, and for the first time ever I am able to actually send email from my phone without jumping through a whole bunch of screens, take a photo and send it to a friend without getting lost in the Clunky OS, and of course the iPod is sweet as well.

I have NO doubt that Apple will meet and exceed their goal of 10 million sales by 12/31/2008.. . Phone makers will have to change the way they design phone UI's and services or Apple may actually own as much market as they do in the digital music player market.

Apple hit this one out of the park, in every single way.