I went to get some Mel's Diner, on Mission and 4th. Shit took forever for basically some Bacon and Eggs.

Going to eat, we saw a new model WRX being shot for a commercial. (Ray Wert, we got video.) Now I'm back. The Justin.tv lifecam is working flawlessly, but I just swapped out a battery. The crazy people in the front of the line are pitching tents. I've got some of those space blankets, the emergency kind. The wind is picking up. My contacts are dry. Some NPR dudes are here. Slumming it with us bloggers. The stoners behind me are faded hard, and freestyling over some tracks now. I'm into it. But that could be the second hand smoke.

Here's my FAQ for people who keep IMing me old questions:

How is waiting in line?
It's ok. 17 hours til iPhone.

How Many people are in line?
About 50. If you're thinking of queuing up, you can arrive in the AM and be ok.
Is it cold?
It's getting Not Warm.
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