Are you pondering a purchase of an iPhone, but all that Day Zero gnashing of teeth and marathon line waiting is holding you back? Well, the experience today, one day later, is quite different.

We departed Gizmodo's Midwest Test Facility today at 1:15 p.m., heading to the Apple Store at our local mall for an iPhone, and now it's 2:45, and not only have we made the 45-minute round trip but we've brought home the iPhone, synced up our contacts and tunes, and successfully transferred an existing mobile number over to AT&T. We even had time for a quick lunch in the midst of all that.


Talking to the comely lass behind the counter at the Apple Store, she described the scene in the store yesterday as a madhouse, but although there were still a few patrons loitering around today, there was absolutely no wait whatsoever to pick up a 8GB iPhone. The entire purchase process took no longer than two minutes. It reminded me of ordering a burger at McDonald's.

The young MacLovely handed me the iPhone, which was inside its box, itself inside another object which looked like a black shopping bag (pictured above), but that was more like a box with one open side and a couple of cloth handles.

Our initial impression before even using the iPhone? The unboxing was like undressing a beautiful woman, and the first thing that woman wanted was for us to insert a hard object into her. Well, that would be the included USB sync cable, which we cooperatively slipped into its proper receptacle without incident or complaint.


Holding the iPhone next to our outgoing Motorola Q, they're actually just about the same size, except the iPhone is slightly narrower. The thickness of the two is roughly comparable, with the iPhone also being slightly slimmer than the Q.


A couple of other quick out-of-box details: We were delighted to see a small piece of microfiber cloth with an embossed iPhone logo packed underneath the colorful instruction leaflet entitled Finger Tips. This sparse documentation is quite a contrast to our Motorola Q's, which had an instruction manual the size of a mini phonebook tucked inside its dog-ugly packaging.

One of the delights was the ease of opening the iPhone box, where each piece of protective plastic had an easy pull tab that practically showed you what to do, and at the same time had that signature candy wrapper sound when pulled off.


So far, this is a simply gorgeous consumer electronics device. We'll tell you more as we gain experience with it.

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