iPhone Sighting Makes World Hate Anonymous Dude

Yes, unless this is one incredible Photoshop job, someone is already toting an iPhone around and his name is not Walter Mossberg. We know little about this except that the shot was snapped aboard the Caltrain, which runs between San Francisco and San Jose. That and the fact that many people are already hating this anonymous guy.


Meanwhile, you will have to get excited about other news: The iPhone is going to be released at 6pm local time. Oh boy. That means that 1) it will be available in each US Time Zone at 6pm and 2) you may want to do like The Bride, book a flight to Okinawa's US military base and ask for the nearest Apple Store. Sadly, you will have better luck finding Sonny Chiba there.

iPhone Sighting [Flickr]
Briefly: iPhone on sale at 6pm local [MacNN]

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