iPhone Video Conversion

[Rewritten by BL 7/15/07] So far, software king of free DVD ripping, Handbrake, has yet to come out with an iPhone preset, but the iPod one works fine. And remember that Handbrake works on copy protected discs, too.

Roxio's crunch is good for non-DVD, video to iPhone conversion and like Handbrake, it does export for most other devices, too. This software costs about $30. Works pretty well. It claims to handle discs, but like most commercial products, won't rip anything copy protected, making this part of the package useless. Best part of Crunch? Fast batch processing of many files.


Visualhub, another paid piece of video ripping software is getting rave reviews, although I've never used it. Most attractively, you can use xgrid to do your compression across multiple networked Macs. Bad ass.



I've spent the last couple days looking at all of the options to find the best solution (I'm on a Mac, so SUPER won't help). Mainly I've been trying to find the best solution for converting DVDs to use on the iPhone. For me it becomes a game of finding best quality conversion, speed of conversion and smallest file size (ease of use is also a factor, but less so for me). Of the Mac solutions here's what I've found. Visual Hub seems to give the best quality so far, but it doesn't do H.264 format, it only outputs mp4. Conversion times are about 40 minutes for a 2 hour movie. But file size is 1-2GB depending on settings. Roxio Crunch took 4 hours to convert the same files to H.264 format with a file size of only 291.46MB, but the quality was horrible. Handbrake does H.264 but it took 7 hours to convert and unfortunately the output file was 1.31GB and for some reason had no audio. FFMpeg took 1 hour for a good quality H.264 conversion that resulted in a file size of 820.5MB, but the audio was out of sync. I was able to re-sync the audio in Quicktime Pro, but then when I saved the file it put a .mov extension on it and iTunes said it couldn't sync that file to the iPhone, even though the original file would sync to the iPhone. So I haven't been able to find a good solution for all of the criteria. But hopefully someone will come up with something soon.