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Remember the early alpha of the first native iPhone AIM client we wrote about a week ago? It's out of alpha and into beta, and incidentally sucks quite a bit less, which means it's quite usable.


They've gotten rid of problems such as having to hit a key to bring up the keyboard, the editable chat history and the sound/vibration preferences not holding. In short, it's actually quite usable now. You get alerts when the program's in the background, and the whole app's been sped up many times over.


There are still a few things to work out, however.

• No tabbed chatting
• You can't see who IM'ed you unless you scroll down the whole list
• Occasional freezing at sign in
• AIM only (they're adding more IM networks soon)
• Return button doesn't send the message (only inserts a newline)
• Send button too small
• Autocomplete is beneath the words, so it's covered up by the keyboard
• No contact list grouping (doesn't follow the grouping from the server side)
• Occasionally locks up your phone

Once they can get these issues worked out, it's going to be a pretty fantastic AIM client! [Google Code]

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