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iPhoneyGate: Dlink VOIP Phone Config'd To "LinksysSucks"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rivalries are entertaining to watch. You've got Pepsi and Coke, Paris and Lindsay, and apparently there's one between networking giants Dlink and Linksys, the latter being infamous for iPhoneyGate. Yahoo Tech's Chris Null received a reviewable engineering sample of DLink's revolutionary GSM/VOIP combo cellphone two days after the whole iPhoneyGate scandal went down, and the SSID was set to "LinksysSucks." (Click the image.) This message makes sense, if you consider the contrasting engineering culture of the two networking companies. And that this phone is way more functional than the Linksys iPhone.

Linksys's products are polished, and considerate of the hacktastic. (Consider the WRT 54L, a special edition router that still runs Linux while the rest of the line moves to a proprietary OS.) DLink products, on the other hand, are fanciful. IP cameras with relays built in that can remotely trigger door buzzers, and all sorts of interesting kit that never quite works without a bit of fussing.


Maybe DLink is calling Linksys out for the stunt. And maybe they're just jealous they didn't pull it off first.

UPDATE: Of course, we know this isn't officially sanctioned messaging from the corporate PR team. But we still love to hear about Networking giants clashing like highschool rivals. It's what we live for!


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