iPod Commercials Give Star Power

It's one thing to have your song play on TV during some random commercial. And it's an entirely different thing to have that song play during a commercial for the world's most successful music player. Take these two recent Apple commercial success stories: both bands see tremendous growth almost overnight after premiering in the famous iPod spots:

Band: CSS
Song: Music is My Hot, Hot Sex
Commercial: iPod Touch
Numbers: 340 copies per week ballooned to 2,000 in the first week since the commercial release. It's also number 15 on iTunes and 5 on iTunes ringtones. And the song has broken into the Pop 100 chart.

Band: Feist
Song: 1234
Commercial: 3 gen iPod Nano
Numbers: Feist originally debuted strong, but averaged around 6,000/week. Then in the weeks following the Nano campaign, sales grew to 14,000 first week, 19,000 the second, 28,000 the third and 20,000 the fourth. It was a first month bonus of nearly 60,000 sales and cumulative bonus of about 130,000.


Now to get my demo tape on stage at the next keynote... [sfgate]
Photo by Brett Rogers (http://www.beatcanvas.com)

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