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iPod Karaoke Patent Brings Fear to Mass Transit Riders

Illustration for article titled iPod Karaoke Patent Brings Fear to Mass Transit Riders

Some may call this latest iPod/iPhone patent from Apple "dynamics lyrics display for portable media devices," but we call this Karaoke City. The patent details a scheme to activate "karaoke style lyrics," which then grabs lyrics and displays the lyrics in time and in sync with the music that's playing. This way, the right words are highlighted at the right time, automagically, thanks to the software that supposedly detects and matches vocals to lyrics. If they can make ANY song a karaoke song, it'll make driving to the supermarket infinitely more fun than it is now. [UnwiredView]


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King Antonius

Meh, they already have a small accessory that lets you do the same thing for about 20 bucks at Radio Shack.