iPod nano Due This August?

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Fans feeling a little tired with Apple's not-refreshed-since-September iPod nano could be pleasantly surprised with rumors pointing to an August release of the next version of the nano. Those notorious leakers that Apple hates so, so much have said that the updated nano will be revealed at the Worldwide Developer's Conference, along with an iTunes Music Store movie rental service. The nano is expected to be released in several different colors, and at least one of which will be in an alloy metal enclosure, like the reader-donated mockup here shows. Additionally, the capacity of the nano is expected to increase quite a bit, supposedly topping out at either 6GB or 8GB.


In related iPod news, the true video iPod has been pushed back until at least January because of continued technical difficulties. In the meantime, expect current 5G iPod models to see an increased storage capacity to placate antsy consumers, possibly topping out at 80GB. These iPods aren't expected to be announced in August, however.

Second-gen iPod nano on tap for Augus [Think Secret]

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Joe Eversole


A whole year without some massive change. Heaven forbid. It's quite sad that once something has been out for 6 months, it's now considered outdated and due for a "refresh." I love me my nano just the way it is and unless they include something super special in the new version besides a metal case and ability to play videos, I will not be "upgrading."