iPod Survives Falling Tree Accident, Is Not to Blame for Owner's Death

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A Philadelphia jogger was killed yesterday by a falling tree when she failed to hear the warning signs of the impending crash over the music from her iPod. But let's not be hasty and blame the iPod.

What's especially chilling, and damning if you're the type to blame the inanimate gadget, is that the iPod was still playing music when the woman was discovered. It's an awful accident, but one we should take as a warning: Listening to music while jogging is essential (at least for someone who hates jogging as much as I do), but noise-cancelling or blocking headphones are a bad idea, since they eliminate ambient noises like traffic and, well, falling trees. And as much as that hot new Beyonce song sounds great when cranked super loud, volume moderation is probably warranted. Run safe, people. Run safe. [Philadelphia Inquirer via Cult of Mac]