iPod Touch 2G Fully Jailbroken, Kicks the Tether

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For most, jailbreaking isn't very daunting, provided you have the right instructions. Unfortunately, iPod Touch 2G owners have been stuck with lame, tethered approaches that most wouldn't bother with—until now. UPDATED.

When I say that the prior jailbreak methods left your iPod "tethered", I don't mean it in the internet sharing sense. For the iPod, "tethered" means that you have to connect your jailbroken iPod to a computer just to start it up, or with the best solutions, to boot into the jailbroken mode. This new method throws off that dependency, leaving you with a properly jailbroken device. It requires a little work and it's no QuickPWN, but it gets the job done. But really, get used to it—given Apple's posturing on the issue, I don't think we'll be reliving those halcyon days of 2007 when you could jailbreak by visiting a website. At least, not anytime soon. UPDATE: We have a GUI, people. [iPodTouchFans—Thanks, Hemal and Chris!]


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YankBoffin hoons a BRZ

There's very little my ipod touch can't do that I wish it did. What are the advantages of jailbreaking? Do I finally get copy/paste? Faster page loads in the browser? Run Office?