iPod Touch Hack Gives Disgruntled Firmware 2.2 Upgraders Google Street View

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If you haven't heard the news yet, iPod touch users were denied Google Street View when the firmware 2.2 update dropped this week. Sad. But here's some happy: iPod Touch Fans site member timmyj9 cooked up a hack to enable the feature. If XML editing and jailbreaking are music to your ears, you can do it too by following timmyj9's instructions.

1. get this file via ssh: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N45AP.plist 2. convert to xml at http://iappcat.com/plist/bin2xml 3. add < key >telephony< /key > < dict > < key >maximumGeneration< /key > < real >2.5< /real > < /dict > underneath < key >standAloneContacts< /key > < true/ > Editor's Note: Be sure to take the spaces out of the commands above. Had to include them here for formatting purposes. 4. save then using that website again reconvert to binary 5. rename original file N45AP.old 6. copy new N45AP.plist in (make sure permissions are 644) 7. reboot ipod all new Maps features work however you get a searching for service (replaces the word ipod in the top left) and waiting for activation message that pops up occassionally, music settings disappear also music slot in prefs disappears (hjrry) Hopefully someone can patch the frameworks or springboard which wouldnt require this to be done! Anyway if you're desperate to try it out, thats all that needs to be done theres nothing wrong with stability or anything so you're not going break anything permanately trying this out.


Now, go forth and peep away at your neighbors. [iPod touch fans, thanks Bobby!]



Apple will add it eventually im sure, they usually keep both platforms up to par. I love telling blackberry users that my ipod is more capable than their phone muhaha :)