iPods iNvisible iN Ads?

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From Tipster Jonah:

"Just finished reading my Sunday New York Times. Intersting fact, every electronics ad—Circuit City, Best Buy, etc.—had zero iPods listed...Strange, given that every week, for months now, there have been iPods for sale. I think the big retailers know something we don't."

Of course he is referring to Apple's big, huge, spectacular, somewhat random September 12th press conference. I haven't been keeping up with the big boy electronic ads weekly (Gawker keeps me locked up in a dungeon with nothing to look at but a computer screen and the funnies), so I can't confirm this iPod suspicion either way. What do all you beautiful, intelligent, somewhat free on the weekends readers think? Let's kick off the ridiculous amount of Apple related polls for press conference week!


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