Iran's flying boat squadron is right out of a James Bond film

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Last week Iran unveiled it's latest (and perhaps greatest) war machine: the open-cockpit flying boat. This terrible creation can command the sea and air and was likely built by a shadowy organization whose name is a sinister acrostic.

From the terrifically snarky Economist:

The new flying boats are armed with a "machine gun", a mechanical rifle capable of firing continuously without reloading by human hands [...] An Iranian flying boat carrying a concealed "A-Bomb" could fly overland across the Arabian desert, refuel at the French Levantine port of Beyrouth, refuel again at Smyrna, refuel again at Trieste, refuel again at Barcelona, cross Fascist Spain to refeul at Bilbao, refuel at Cork in neutral Ireland, and cross the Atlantic to refuel at a secret base hidden in the rocky coast of Canada manned by Fascist-sympathising Quebecois, whence it might be well within range of Boston Harbour-all in less than the time it takes to travel from London to Constantinople via Orient Express. And just think what they might be able to do, should they manage to build the rumoured "zeppelin cavalry."


[Spotted on GOOD]