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Reader Danny tells us iRex iLiad e-Reader is finally shipping, which makes the score 1 point iRex, 0 points Sony e-Reader. The bad news is, it's going to cost you $810.84. Not only that, but a separate stylus, assuming it ships with one at all, is going to cost you 22.90 Euros ($28.89). Who pays almost $30 for a freakin stylus? At that price I'll grind my pinkie down to a sharp but rounded point, and use that instead. I still have the other one for picking my nose with.

Check the jump for the full email.

Product Page [iRex - Thanks Danny!]

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,

Opening of iRex shop to the public

Thank you for your ongoing interest in our iLiad E-reader.

Some time ago you registered to be informed at the time when our online shop was available. We are happy to inform you that you that we have just opened to the public.

You are invited to visit to:

The iLiad average shipping time is between 3-5 weeks depending on availability.

iLiad current status:

The iLiad hardware and design are final, while registered iLiad users are entitled to free software updates that include bug fixes and expansion of the basic set of features.


Supported formats:


Page refresh/ turning speed:

? The iLiad display is based on the innovative Electrophoretic technology
? Electrophoretic technology is a breakthrough for electronic reading (reading in and outdoors) and mobility (light, low power consumption).

? The iLiad is NOT equipped with an LCD screen.
? Electrophoretic technology is not suitable for video applications.
? The iLiad currently turns pages in about 2 seconds. Page turning can take longer depending on the complexity of the content and differs per format (PDF, HTML, etc.)

Local connectivity:

? The iLiad connects to the PC via USB. PC documents can be transferred from the PC to the iLiad with the help of the travel hub and the USB cable, both included in the box.

? The iLiad is also able to read USB memory sticks, Multimedia cards (MMC) and compact flash (CF) cards via the slots at the top of the device.

Network connectivity:

? The iLiad supports Ethernet and WiFi.
? The iLiad can NOT browse the internet directly.
? Network connectivity allows the iLiad to establish connection with iDS (iRex Delivery Server). Each iLiad has an in-box available in iDS to receive software updates and documents directly from the internet without the aid of the PC. The documents in the inbox are downloaded when the user presses the connect button and an internet connection has been properly set up.

? iDS also allows management of several settings online from the PC. Please check:

Software release version:

? Current software version of the iLiad is 2.4
? We expect to release v2.5 shortly

Release 2.5 highlights:

? Annotations:
? Notes. Annotate pictures includes selection of scribble gray-color, line thickness, erase and work from templates.

? Annotate in HTML and PDF is not available yet.
? PDF:
? Open last read page in PDF documents
? Power Management:
? Average battery life before recharge is about 8 hours in v2.5. Further power management improvements are planned in upcoming software releases.

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"Check the jump for the full email."

oh, I thought the jump was going to be your "ground-down pinky" not an $850 paperback book holder....let's see, what's easier to carry, this thing that's big enough to be 2 paperbacks or two paper backs and $842.24. Maybe that's their schtich, "Buy our paperback book reader; it's easier to carry than 800 bucks!"....where do I sign up?....seriously, this is so I can read a $4.99 paperback book on the go right?...ummmmmm....I think Penguin has that covered, thanks....and with the $800 I'll buy a sweet man-bag....I mean, 'Messenger Bag'.