iRex's Next Ebook Reader Will Come With 3G, Less Sticker Shock

It looks like iRex, leading makers of giant, feature-packed ebook readers for real-life P.G. Wodehouse protagonists, is casting a monocled eye on the mainstream market. Crave's got details on a forthcoming 8.1-inch touchscreen reader, with wireless, rumored at under $400.


The device's total size will fall somewhere between the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX, and touchscreen controls come by means of a stylus, as was the case with the company's previous Wacom-infused e-ink displays. Crave's information is coming straight from iRex, who left plenty of blanks for us to fill, and precious few clues. iRex's wireless carrier choice is unknown but probably not that important, but their choice of online ebook store—with "one of the large online e-book sellers," apparently—is going to be crucial. Is this what Bezos meant about giving the Kindle some competition? Will iRex poop all over Plastic Logic's party? We'll find out before Fall, when this this is due to ship. [Crave]

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