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iRiver Mickey Mouse MP3 Player $50, Still Chunky

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No, this isn't Steampunk Willie. The 2007 Software Exhibition of Korea kicked off today, and iRiver showcased a few new concept images for its upcoming MP3 player collaboration with Disney. The player is slated to be a plump but minuscule 3cm tall (a 1:1 ratio model of the real Mickey, perhaps?), hold 1GB of music, and sell for a projected $50. Of course, when looking at the designs one question still remains: What about those ears, do they swivel?


They do. All of the previous speculation stands for the moment: The ears act as knobs, controlling volume and track selection, the player will be available in a variety of colors, and it might not come to the States.


Disney commissioned iRiver to make the player for their Hong Kong amusement park and for retail in South Korea, though if sales go well enough iRiver hinted that Mickey might sneak into other regions. But given the size and relatively unimpressive specs compared to other players on the market, there's a good chance this thing will remain a Hong Kong Disney keepsake.

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