iRiver Mplayer: How Mickey Got His Groove Back

A new Mickey shaped music product is in the works, and unlike this crazy speaker set, Disney actually appears to be involved, along with iRiver. Molded after Mickey's bulbous likeness (and Minnie's, of course), the screenless flash player is due to hit Asia soon.


The ears, mind you, are not just for show. Flick one to or fro to adjust volume; do the same on the other to change tracks.

Given the size of the jack at the top of Mickey's head—and the picture above—it looks like the player may be pretty small. What we don't know is whether or not the product will turn up in the US. If it does, it's not necessarily a home run: that chunky body could be uncomfortable in your pocket, and what happens if the ears are constantly wiggling? Could be annoying as hell.

iRiver+Disney=Mplayer [iriverfans via technabob]


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