After being warmly received by the guys at C|Net, The iRiver S10 digital audio player just got another adoring review, and this one is an more-extensive look with video and beaucoups pics. The reviewer liked just about everything about the tiny player except its relatively high price, $194 for the 2GB model and an extra $30 more to import the thing. He makes some good points, such as....

Personally, I think the player is well worth the extra cost. The S10 is a delectable little DAP that does so much so well. It's remarkable in sound quality, size, customization, and extra features; it's easy and comfortable to use; and my god it's lovely to look at. Longer battery life and increased storage capacity would be welcomed improvements, sure, but both are becoming such standard complaints that I don't consider them to be deal breakers.


Why aren't these tiny players readily available in the United States, easily taking on the more-clunky competition?

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