iriver s10 Slam Dunks the shuffle One Day Later

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To hell with that Cupertino Fruit Company, if you want a full-featured portable audio player check out the iriver s10, not much bigger than the iPod shuffle but bringing a 1.15-inch 128x96 OLED screen and FM recording, too. The 2GB flash-based player is pendant-small at 1.6 inches x 1.2 inches and it's just a third of an inch (10mm) thick, plus it weighs far less than an ounce, only 1.9g heavier than that screenless shuffle.

That screen saps the s10's battery life a lot quicker than the shuffle, though, lasting just eight hours. No matter, we'd rather wear this pretty-screened bauble around our necks than go clipping on a gray object that looks like a half a stick of chewing gum like all the other sheep will be doing. But that's just us.


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