Iron Man 2, Spider-Man 4 And Transformers Posters, Plus Deadpool Villains And Harry Potter Videos

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Ryan Reynolds talks Deadpool villains, Darlton talks Lost season six, and Shia talks Transformers. Plus Spider-Man, Iron Man, Land Of The Lost, Harry Potter, Planet 51, New Moon, Fringe, Smallville, Stargate Universe, Flash Forward, True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Spoilers!

Spider-Man 4/Iron Man 2:

Here are a couple of promo banners for upcoming Marvel superheroes' films. Note that Iron Man doesn't have those weird bands on his arms in this picture. Bigger versions at the link. [AICN]



Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds says he'd like to see Cable pop up in the Deadpool solo movie, especially since the two shared a comic for years. But the studio has told him it's probably not happening. More likely to appear, however, are the villains Ajax and Black Tom Cassidy. [MTV]


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Here's the last poster for the film, featuring Optimus with two swords, and lots of confusey-splodey action. Bigger version at the link. [Empire via IESB]


Meanwhile, Shia LaBoeuf talks to Wizard World and explains about how Sam's visions of symbols form a map that leads to the Energon, which the Decepticons need to restore Megatron to life. And he talks about how people are falling out of the sky via a mode of transportation called the Space Bridge, and that's when Sam's hand gets injured (to explain Shia's real-life hand injury). Also, Shia explains why his father doesn't give a "rat's vagina" about Optimus Prime, and how the sailors on an aircraft carrier reacted to having Megan Fox staying on board. [Wizard World via TLAMB]


Harry Potter:

Here are a ton of new (I think) TV spots for this July adaptation. I'm getting excited despite myself!

Land Of The Lost:

Chaka spends the whole movie groping Holly. Will Ferrell's character gets high on the local equivalent of LSD, for no particular reason other than to have some jokes about tripping balls. [Cinemablend]


Anna Friel's Holly was educated at Cambridge and moved to L.A. for work, and she's totally in love with Will Ferrell's character, but he doesn't realize it. Friel says she just tried to play it as her character believing Ferrell's is a genius under all his weird eccentricities. And there's a sequence where Ferrell goes out on his own and dances across the caldera. [IESB]

Planet 51:

A preview of this first-contact movie's video game provides some spoilers. Lem, the alien boy who befriends the human astronaut, has a sequence where he's on his bicycle delivering newspapers to the 1950s-esque alien town. And then his love interest Neera walks by with her boyfriend, and she throws books at him which he has to catch. In another sequence, there's a huge car chase. [Sci Fi Wire]


New Moon:

And because it wouldn't be a day without a bit of New Moonage, here's a new behind the scenes video with interviews. I don't think I've heard the phrase "cool, cool CGI" used seriously before:


So there's a rumor going around (partly fueled by Matthew Fox) that Jack will die in the final episode. Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse refuse to confirm or deny the rumor, saying that otherwise "it would be like watching the Sixth Sense and knowing that Bruce Willis is dead." Which the interviewer takes as a "yes." [Sunday Mercury via Lyly Ford]


Meanwhile, Cuse confirms that Claire will be back full time as a regular character for the final season:

Damon and I are very excited to bring Claire back to the show, and even more excited for people to experience just how she will return.


Doc Jensen speculates that either Juliet really did reset time and Claire is now alive, or she'll just turn up from the jungle and people will have to wonder if she's another imposter like Locke. [EW]


John Noble explains what to expect in season two: There will be a lot more revelations about Peter now that we know he's "from another place." Also, there will be conflict between Peter and Walter. But also, having opened up the interdimensional can of worms, there will be some huge events. The writers have some "stunning" and "mind-boggling" ideas coming up.
[Access Hollywood]


Also, more details on that female FBI agent who will replace Kirk Acevedo's Charlie on the show. She's brash, outspoken, quick-witted and capable, and she has a deep-seated belief in the wonders of the universe. [EW]


Some details of some casting pages that have been sent out for new character "Mason," who's probably the show's new big bad. Tess is rushing to the Queen Industries jet, and she's surprised to hear Mason's voice asking if she's "all work and no play." She chides him, saying she'd hoped he would have mastered more than a "lexicon of cliches" by now. Mason says Tess can stand down, because "it's me." But she replies, "precisely who 'you' are is a little nebulous at the moment." Mason says that's just how Tess likes it, and then he keeps trying find ways to seduce her.


Later, Tess comes back to Luthor Mansion, to find Mason there. Mason says she betrayed him, but he survived it. And he psychoanalyzes her some more. He tells her he trusted her, and he was the one shot she had at a fairy-tale ending. She pulls a gun on him, and he reminds her that she still needs him. She realizes that, gosh darnit, he's right. [Kryptonsite via CBR]

Stargate Universe:

Death will be a big part of this show, so don't get too attached to people who you think will be series regulars. [TV Guide]


Flash Forward:

Here's another TV spot for the new ABC series that explains everything. Totally. If you don't understand this video, it's your fault:

True Blood:

Sookie, Bill and Jessica arrive in Dallas in the season's fourth episode, but there's a surprise waiting for them at the airport. And an even bigger surprise happens later, when a special visitor drops by Sookie's hotel room. [EW]


The Vampire Diaries:

So how is this show different than Twilight? Let star Paul Wesley explain:

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