Is Amazon in Talks to Create a Subscription Music Service?

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The Verge is reporting that Amazon is in talks with record labels to create a new subscription music service.


Sources have told the Verge that Bezos and co have "shown an interest in... an on-demand service that sounds pretty similar to Spotify". Details seem scant—to be honest, even that's generous—but despite talks being described as "informal" the sources claim that Amazon is keen to enter the sector.

If the rumor's true, it's not the only company with a desire to muscle in on the territory of Spotify, Rdio and Rhapsody: Google and Apple are also, reportedly, working on their own, similar, projects. That make it seems like there's a race between the big three to produce something that can rival—in fact, more realistically, beat—Spotify at its own game.

Like Apple and Google, Amazon already has some infrastructure in place for a product like this—think Cloud Player—so it'll be interesting to see who can cross the finish line first. [Verge]



I'm in if they do. One of the problems I've had with Spotify is the lack of a store if you wanted to buy. Knowing Amazon they will tie it to the Prime accounts which would definitely make me keep that current (I don't use the Prime video streaming much because of Netflix.)