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Is Amazon Running a Sweatshop in Pennsylvania?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Everyone loves Amazon, except some employees in its Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania warehouse. According to a report in local newspaper The Morning Call, working conditions within the facility are unbearable.

The report describes a factory with temperatures in the 100s, employees passing out from the heat and workers being terminated when they can't keep up the pace. Workers tolerate these conditions because the economy stinks and they need these jobs.

And these reports are not isolated to the 20 employees interviewed by The Morning Call. Numerous employees and security guards at Amazon complained to OSHA about these conditions. Even the local emergency room supposedly reported Amazon to federal regulators because it treated so many employees for heat-related illness.


You can check out the full story of Amazon's supposed sweatshop at The Morning Call and judge for yourself. Is Amazon an evil oppressor or is this an isolated incident? [The Morning Call]