Is Avatar Really Worth Protesting About?

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What brings oversensitive parents, Barack Obama and James Cameron's Avatar together? The Italian rating for the movie, which allows all audiences to watch - and has Italian parents outraged at the idea of their children being corrupted as a result.

The movie, which opens in Italy this week, has been given a general admission rating, unlike in other territories where it's been flagged as potentially unsuitable for kids (The American rating is PG-13, for "intense epic battle sequences and warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking," for example). The parental group MOIGE (MOvimento Italiano GEnitori) is already up in arms about the decision, calling it proof of "discrimination against the protection of Italian children," and pointing to President Obama watching the movie with his two children as proof that Avatar requires parental supervision. On the other hand, we applaud the decision and look forward to seeing children paint themselves blue and return to nature as a result of being overly impressionable.


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