Is Dell Prepping a Game-worthy UMPC?

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Well, if you ask Dell's global gaming chief, Abizar Vakharia, it sure sounds like they are. When drilled on the question of a future gaming handheld Vakharia admitted it was on their radar screen. He didn't give up any other details, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have an Axim-like gaming handheld in the works or maybe even a UMPC with enough brawn to take on a few games. If done right, that could become our new favorite UMPC.

Dell to Launch Gaming Handheld in Future? [PC Plus]

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x23, welcome to the future, where ads can be blocked.

Seriously, who wouldn't like this? (as long as it worked)

The higher spec gaming rig could also be useful to professionals who require more horsepower in a mobile environment.

Maybe graphic artists or engineers or something.

And when you aren't working, perhaps it would be possible to kick back and relax (?) with your favorite older, less CPU-intensive FPS game?

(Enemy Territory is an old favorite, and it ran on a 500Mhz PIII!)

(Let's be real here, I don't see it running Quake4, but it's multiplayer is poopy anyway)

A [not crappy] gaming UMPC would be very appealing to me as a gadgety-gamey type.

(Or as a gamey-gadgety type, depending on when you catch me.)