Is J.K. Rowling's Mystery Site Hiding a Harry Potter Smartphone?

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So J.K. Rowling has to do something with her time beyond spend her trillions of dollars, so she's got a spooky new COMING SOON website up. What is it? We don't know! But a tipster claims it'll launch a Potterphone.


The anonymous internet guy claims that Pottermore project is a "Harry Potter branded smartphone as well as a portal for additional content for smartphones. I won't tell you the phone partner, but it's not one of the big players (well, at least not anymore)."

Will the hordes of hungry Harry fans be enough to negate the fact that branded phones are a horrible, foolish idea? Maybe! With just enough wizard magic. Or something. If this is at all true—which it very likely isn't—it'll probably just be a shitty Android with an unbearable UI skin where Dumbledore tells you what time it is and the only game you can download is Quidditch.