Is Microsoft Abandoning the Zune? Zune Guy Smells So

In his apparently final transmission, the Zune Guy reveals that it wasn't just the lack of a Zune announcement at E3 that choked the last pepperoni-scented fanboy breath out of his furry, tattooed frame. No, he "can kinda smell" that Microsoft is "slowly pulling out of a product," and "backing away from what they created." It has been pretty dry in Zuneland. Do you think it's just a temporary drought, or might he be right? Will his profanity-laden, emotion-packed video missive spur the Zune gods to quench the thirst of fanbase clearly crying out for more? Tune in, uh, next week! I guess? [Thanks Johnny!]



The video's better if you mute it and put in your own monologue.

"I can't believe I'm still on earth with you people. I dunno if you can understand, or if you want to understand, but I'm here, and you're here too. Maybe you just can't leave your happy worlds to dive into mine. Maybe you're just morbid assholes that want to see me spiral into the proverbial shitter.

Today's my birthday. Did you know that? Today's my birthday....."