Is Seth Green's Star Wars comedy show stuck in limbo forever?

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Remember Seth Green's animated Star Wars series Detours? Seth Green does. He gave an update on the show during his Reddit AMA yesterday, where he announced that 39 full episodes of the show are completely finished, along with many more scripts too — but they're all on hold.


Here's Green's quotes from Reddit:

We have 39 finished episodes and around 62 finished scripts. But that entire show was created before the decision to make more Star Wars movies, so our show (which was created by George Lucas) is an animated sitcom in the world of Star Wars, so we had a lot of conversations with Kathleen Kennedy about Star Wars in not just the next 3 years but the next 30 years, and when you’re in as privileged a position as we were to be able to work on Star Wars content with its creator, you get a great sense of responsibility to the whole.

Green isn't worried but the delay, by the way:

I do feel that Detours is a timeless bit of entertainment. Media distribution is changing so quickly, so dramatically, that can you even imagine what distribution of content will look like in 5 years? In a day and age when Netflix series are nominated for the top accolades TV has to offer, what is to say what it will look like when the new Star Wars movie comes out? So Detours can sit on a shelf until the Star Wars movie comes out without losing any of its lustre, because what we've created is very funny, very smart and like I said before, timeless.

He's right; unless the series is based entirely on combining Star Wars gags with topical humor (Princess Leia twerked at the Imperial Music Awards, y'all!) — and Robot Chicken certainly didn't over-rely on it — making fun of Star Wars is kind of timeless. And Lucasfilm must have some confidence in the show, since Green and his team were allowed to make 39 full episodes before being told to hold off.

But the show was announced before the Disney buyout, and it's entirely possible that Disney has called halt while it focuses on the new Star Wars movies and the kids-friendly Rebels cartoon, and it doesn't want a TV series running simultaneously and interfering with the brand at the same time. But I think it's just as likely Disney isn't interested in having a late night, Adult Swim-type audience-targeted series for one of its major properties, especially an animated one. Disney doesn't particularly like to roll like that. And if there's a company that can eat the cost of 39 episodes of a TV show to keep it off the air merely to protect their new brand, it's Disney. Hmm...





If Seth Green knows what's good for his brand, he'll keep this humorless, trying-too-hard mistake off the air, too.