Is Spider-Man 4 Going The Way Of Superman Returns?

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A new casting call has people worried Spider-Man 4 will be another Superman Returns. You'll never guess whom Lost's Sawyer is lunching with. Plus clips from Fringe, Heroes, Stargate and Smallville. And there are Superman, Planet 51 and FlashForward spoilers!


Spider-Man 4:

Are we going to meet Peter Parker and Mary Jane's baby in the fourth movie? There's a casting call for a baby boy (aged two to three years) with red hair. (Actually, they want twins, so that they can keep filming and swap them out when one of the kids has to take a break. But it's almost certainly for just one kid.) A lot of fans are jumping to conclusions, assuming this means Spidey will have a kid — but as SpoilerTV points out, this could be a baby Cletus Kasady, who grows up to become Carnage. Or it could be any number of other things. All we really know is that they're starting to cast this movie, and apparently there's a red-headed kid in it. [SpoilerTV-Movies]

Superman Returns Again:

James McTeigue is still super-interested in directing the next Superman film, but sounds less certain that it'll ever happen. But he does offer one more hint of how he'd approach the Man of Steel: "It's ripe for a retconning." Whatever that means. [MTV]

Planet 51:

But screw all this superhero shit — you really want to know about this animated film, in which The Rock is an astronaut who lands on a 1950s planet where he's the alien invader. Right? Apparently in the movie, an alien teenager decides the only way to protect himself from an anal probe is by using a champagne cork. There's a cute Mars Rover robot named Rover (who probably doesn't say "Gadget Gadget," alas) and an alien Chihuahua shaped like the creature from Alien, and something quasi-hilarious happens when he pees.


When The Rock first lands, he hums "Thus Spake Zarathustra," and then realizes he's interrupted an alien barbecue in which all the 1950s aliens are dancing to old-time rock 'n' roll. Chuck (The Rock) says to himself that "Kennedy's going to freak" when they find out about "sea monkeys dancing to the oldies." Other classic SF movies referenced in this film include Plan 9 From Outer Space and E.T. [Kansas City.Com]


A new and exciting twist on the "alternate universe where Flight 815 landed safely" concept: a dapper Sawyer was spotted filming a scene at the upscale Diamond Head restaurant, part of the Lotus hotel, and his lunch companion? Was Charlotte (Rebecca Mader) last seen dying on the island. [Hawaii Weblog]


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Here are the first two minutes of this week's Observer-centric episode. Plus a new photo. [Fox]

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And here's a new promo for the episode. [Fringe Television]


And a load of promo pictures from episode 2x09, "Snakehead." [SpoilerTV]


Mark Pellegrino explains more about his approach to playing Lucifer and what's coming up:

As you know, the angels in the show can be, well, a—-holes. It is Lucifer who is kind and empathetic and truthful. So, play the "Prince of Lies" as the most sincere one of the bunch and you have a fresh take. But I have a feeling things are gonna change. Lucifer has a big chip on his shoulder and that can't be restrained for long... The proverbial crap is gonna fly. Hell, it's the apocalypse for crying out loud. Something's gotta give. If I tell you more than that I'll have to kill you.


[PopStar via SpoilerTV]


Here are some promo pics from episode 10, "A561984". [SpoilerTV]

Assuming this show gets a second season, we'll see more of Mark Benford in season two — there will be new mysteries, but the second season is definitely a continuation of the first, says Jessica Goyer. [PopCorner.PL via FlashForward.PL]



Lois arrives in the future, in a new clip from Friday's episode:

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Michael Shanks explains about his version of Hawkman, appearing February 5:

When we first meet Carter Hall he's in his museum. We'll learn he's a reincarnated prince from a thousand years ago. There is a reference to The Justice Society's time in the ‘70s, but we have since disbanded.


And apparently there's lots of flying and mace-swinging, but no bare chest — instead Hawkman has a weird bronze chestplate thingy. And here's a picture. (Full version at the link.) [TV Guide Magazine]

Stargate Universe:

But Shanks isn't just flying around Metropolis and giving Clark Kent advice — he's also a figment of Dr. Nicholas Rush's imagination in the upcoming Rush-centric episode "Human," in which we discover more about how he recruited Rush into the Stargate program. Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson also appear in the 18th episode, "Subversion." [Gateworld]


And here's a sneak peek at Friday's episode.


And here are five clips from the "Thanksgiving" episode. What are you thankful for? [The ODI]


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Matthew Abel

Man, I'll tell you what they should do for a Superman movie for maximum nerditude. Make it a trilogy. "Krypton," "Kansas," "Metropolis." Base it somewhat on the Superman:Birthright storyline. The coolest part would be a full-length storyline of Jor-El finding out about Krypton blowing up and trying to send Kal-El to earth - you could have some General Zod action as well.

The only flaw is the comparisons the middle picture would draw with "Smallville." But the final picture would feature Superman taking on Lex Luthor's Krytponesque Giant Robots.

I'd follow it up with a Zod/Braniac double feature.

It'd also be cool (since everyone pretty much knows who Superman is) if Warner Brothers started doing live-action shorts before their other movies of Superman adventures. They could do live-action interpretations of the Fleischer cartoons. #spiderman4