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Is Stan Lee The Watcher Of The Marvel Universe? No, Dammit. Here's Why

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's a rumor going around that Stan Lee, who has managed to cameo in almost every Marvel movie including those made by Sony and Fox, is not just playing random characters but is instead Uatu, the cosmic alien known as The Watcher. This rumor is dumb, and this compilation of Lee's cameos proves why.

This may be a hard concept for non-comic book fans to grasp, but the Watcher — who, it should possibly be noted, was recently murdered in Marvel's comics — is best known for watching things. He lives on the moon and spends all his days watching the events of the universe unfold, and is sworn never to interfere (although he's broken that rule on more than a few occasions, but only when a planet, galaxy or universe is as stake). He also has a big-ass head.

Now, Stan Lee doesn't have a big-ass head, but perhaps the movies have decided to give Uatu a redesign. But that still wouldn't mean that Lee is the Watcher; in fact, if you watch the video compilation of his many cameos above, you'll notice that Lee usually spends most of his time doing one of two things: 1) not watching things or 2) interfering with them. Drinking a soda tainted with Bruce Banner's gamma irradiated blood in Incredible Hulk? Interfering. Trying to tow Thor's hammer with his truck in Thor? Interfering. Even saving that lady from the falling rubble in Spider-Man 2 is technically messing with the normal course of events.


And then there's all the things he's not watching. How could he be seeing the events of Thor if he's running around in a pick-up truck? He didn't even get into Reed and Sue's wedding in Rise of the Silver Surfer. And the entire joke of his scene in Amazing Spider-Man was that he wasn't watching what was happening.

Also, there's the fact that this would have required three major studios to have gotten together and agreed to jointly incorporate a bizarre element and never give any hint, let alone proof, of it to fans is also pretty goddamned unlikely. You know, if you want to think about this bit of silliness seriously for some reason.


So just enjoy the cameos, okay?

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