Is Steve Jobs Dead? (Updated: Yes)

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Right now the internet's quaking with speculation about Steve Jobs' possible death—all sparked by a single tweet. Update: Steve Jobs has passed away at 56


Did an intern fuck up? Did someone tweet something they shouldn't have? We don't know—but we will say it's reminding us a lot of the media rumors that swirled up right before Patrick Swayze died of pancreatic cancer. It's extremely hard to keep the lid on the death of a celebrity—today more than ever, thanks to websites like ours. We realize we're cranking the wheel on the rumor mill by writing this, but we want to settle the question definitively. So we've got our feelers out everywhere, and are trying to either quash this rumor or verify some awful news we've all been dreading. If you know anything, send it our way.

Update: Apple has released a statement confirming that Jobs has died.



This looks to be a couple weeks old so you might have seen it already.

I saw this on TMZ a few minutes ago so I may be late to the game.

I lack the ability and eyes to tell if it's even real.

I leave it here for you all to decide.