I had an exchange with David Kuo of Beliefnet today on whether or not The Cult is a religious thing. I argued that the respect we have for Apple is grounded in secular reasoning. Then I got an Amen in the comments, which I NEVER get here, unfortunately.

Part of David's post:

Characteristically religious feelings (awe, wonder, gratitude, guilt, adoration, etc.). Appleism's followers know of guilt and they experience it every time they use a Windows computer. I have a friend who is a loyal Mac guy but recently finished a big project on an IBM. He emailed me and talked about his guilt. (I'm not joking). More than guilt though, they know of awe, wonder, and gratitude. Every new Apple invention, every time Steve Jobs take a stage to announce something beautiful and wonderful all Appleists tingle with joy and anticipation.


Part of my reply:

I'd say there are aspects of faith here, but for the most part, it's faith of the most practical sort.

People trust Apple to make technology that is easy and reliable to use, based on a proven track record. And some would say that it's done in a way more stylish than could have been imagined, which doesn't hurt the adoration. 100 Million iPods, or so, not mentioning the computers. That's kind of makes it the bible of MP3 players, as far as the numbers go.


Here's David's original post, and my response. [Beliefnet]