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Is the Future of Condoms Literally Just the Tip?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There ain't nothing hotter right now than redesigning the necessary evil that is the modern condom. But while most pecker poncho redesigns tend to look at alternative materials (hello, graphene condom), this newest one goes for an approach so minimal—it's barely even there.

Some NSFW imagery follows. Beware!

LA condom revolutionary-hopeful Charles Powell thinks the answer to our sex-having woes may just lie in his questionably named Galactic Cap.

The baby-blocking device actually consists of two parts, and more importantly, it's only applied to very tip of the penis. The first bit, a U-shaped polyurethane adhesive film, can supposedly be applied "hours or even days before sex." While there's really no conceivable reason you would ever need to do this, the option is, apparently, there.


The second bit, though, is where the metaphorical magic happens. When "the opportunity for sex occurs" (henceforth known as sexpportunity), you apply a reservoir cap that sticks to the base film, leaving the high sensitively coronal ridge and shaft fully exposed. Powell is confident that the itty bitty raincoat will stay fully secured to your member throughout sex, but with traditional condoms going relatively unchanged for so many years, its probably going to take some hard evidence to calm consumers' fears.


And for now, that evidence doesn't quite exist. While the FDA has approved the polyeurethane adhesive as being safe-for-skin, it hasn't done any testing on the actual Galactic Cap. And even if it does work, that little love glove still won't protect you from any nasty STIs your sexfriend might be carrying.

That said, it certainly is a less intrusive option than the current fare, and a pretty clever take on the sensual tech. So if you want to get in on the future of safe(-ish) sex, you can donate to Powell's Indiegogo campaign, which will be launching this Sunday. [The Daily Dot]