Is The Large Hadron Collider Cursed?

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The discovery of new repairs necessary to the Large Hadron Collider have pushed its restart date yet again - Are there cosmic powers trying to tell us something about the program?

The Independent newspaper reports that repairs to two helium leaks have pushed the restart back to November, and there are signs that more repairs - and more delays - are possible in the next few weeks. James Gillies, spokesman for the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, said that all possible precautions are being taken before the eventual restart:

Decisions will be taken as to whether there are more that need repairing or not within the next couple of weeks, and when we know that, we will be in a position to be a little bit more definitive about what we plan to do for the rest of the year... Essentially what's happening is we're proceeding with extreme caution. We have to be absolutely certain that when we switch on this time, it stays switched on.


The Collider has been inoperative since September last year, due to a fault between superconducting magnets. The cost of repairs is estimated at $37 million.

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