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Is the Meizu M8 iPhone Clone Getting… Android?

Illustration for article titled Is the Meizu M8 iPhone Clone Getting… Android?

Do you want an iPhone but wish it ran Android instead of Apple's mobile OS? No? Well, too bad, because Meizu might be bringing Android to its M8 iPhone clone.


Meizu has announced that the M8 is getting a UI update with its firmware 1.0 release, due in August. And apparently Meizu has gathered a team up "with the sole purpose of investigating the Android platform."


Android on an iPhone clone? I guess stranger things have come out of China (and this probably isn't even coming out of China), but it just seems…unnatural. [MeizuMe via Engadget]

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I don't understand why people insist on cloning the iphone when there's plenty of fresh design ideas out there. I mean, can anyone imagine how sexy a perfect rectangle, no physical buttons, gloss black would be? you could have LED touch-sensitive buttons on the side and front, and nothing but a small mini USB connection on the bottom.