Meizu's M8 iPhoneclone UI Demoed, Looks Cloned Indeed

Illustration for article titled Meizu's M8 iPhoneclone UI Demoed, Looks Cloned Indeed

Meizu's fabled M8 iPhoneclone may indeed be soon on sale, but until now we've only seen bits and bobs of its user interface: Now Meizu is demonstrating this with a neat little animation site. And guess what? Go on, you'll never guess! ...It's a pretty similar beast to the iPhone. There're some tweaks and differences of course, but Meizu's taken inspiration from Apple pretty deeply into their own design. We'll just have to see what it looks and feels like in the flesh to see exactly how similar it ends up being. [Meizu via Engadget]


Its like an iPhone skin and I think it looks good. A nice improvement over the iPhone. Clearly they are ripping this off, but hey, I'll take it over a locked-up, DRM'd, itunes'd, iPhone any day if it works smoothly. That site was good, too. I think more companies should show functionality that way.