Meizu M8 Captured On Film: Realer Than Big Foot But Not Nearly As Interesting

Remember the Meizu M8? It was the iPhone clone, the one that we were all excited to see...back in 2007. Now that Apple's added 3G to the mix, expanded storage and lowered the price with contract, the prospect of a (still unreleased) 8GB iClone has gotten a whole lot less enticing. But just for those who thought Meizu could never do it, here's a decent walkthrough of their interface. Please note, however, that the clip contains some suggestive images of (underage?) females that you may not want to play at work. Stay classy, Meizu! [via Electronista]



Could someone explain to me why there's so much press for these worthless Apple clones getting pumped out by a second-rate-at-best company based in China?