Do They Have Instagram In Heaven?

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The Pope has met with so many leaders from the tech industry lately. Last month there was Tim Cook, and today His Chillness met with Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. The question on everyone in Silicon Valley’s lips: Is the Pope trying to take over Silicon Valley?

Okay nobody’s asking that. Systrom just presented Pope Francis with a book of ten Instagram photos. Which is perfectly in line with Gizmodo’s advice that you should be printing shit off, and not just keeping things digital. And yes, the Pope does have his own Instagram account.


Pope Francis is no luddite. Even his predecessor, Pope Voldemort (who I found a link for by googling “old pope”), was on social media. The Pope meets with people all the time, from all kinds of backgrounds. So he’s probably not going to go Full Capitalist and invest in Twitter stock anytime soon.

But let me just say this, if the Pope meets with Atlas the robot, don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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