Is this the best UFO footage ever, or just some windmills, towers, and other flickery things?

This video of a UFO hovering over Lake Erie has been burning up the interwebs for months. It shows a lovely sunset over the lake, followed by a strange flickering light hovering in perfect stillness over the clouds.


Could it be that aliens love the Canadian border so much that they just hang out there all the time, waiting for a chance to add their extraterrestrial wisdom to the NDP?

Sadly, it appears that this UFO was caused by a mysterious quirk of the atmosphere, which beams Canadian lights all the way over to Ohio. According to WOIO:

The Coast Guard contacted the Canadian Coast Guard and confirmed with them that they have multiple T.V. and radio towers along their shore directly across Lake Erie from where the lights were seen as well as a windmill farm.

The conditions for people here to see straight across to the Canadian border has to be just perfect, and it appears that is what happened last night.

The Coast Guard said they have had the same thing happen in the past, usually around this time of year.

Oh I see - it was just a windmill, eh?



Their wisdom didn't help the NDP yesterday...