Is This the First of Many Cameras You'll Connect Directly to Your iPad?

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With Disney graphics and an easy-to-use photo editing app, the Sakar AppClix camera is squarely targeted at kids. But instead of a USB port it includes a 30-pin Apple connector, making me wonder if other camera manufacturers will follow suit.

With a seven megapixel sensor, 4X zoom, a 1.5 inch LCD display, and a microSD card slot, the $60 AppClix serves as a perfectly suitable standalone digital camera for young aspiring photographers. But instead of connecting to a PC to edit and share photos, it attaches directly to the iPad's dock connector. An accompanying app lets kids do basic edits and add Disney themed graphics and backgrounds to their shots, or just upload them to the iPad's camera roll and share them over email, Facebook, etc.

The same thing can be accomplished by using Apple's Camera Connection Kit, but with an Apple dock connector built in it removes the need for external accessories. And while connecting a giant DSLR to the bottom of your iPad is impractical, it could be really convenient for smaller cameras when you just quickly want to share a couple of photos without booting up your laptop. [B & H]