Is This the Nikon D5000, Due May 1st?

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Nikon Rumors got their hands on a few shots (both of the marketing and blurry cam varieties) that look to be of the rumored Nikon D5000.

(The most distinctive feature is clearly the Y-tilting LCD, but earlier rumors suggest this entry-level dSLR will feature a 12.3-megapixel sensor that also captures HD video.)


Nikon Rumor has confirmed with their source that the camera is coming May 1st. Since we've been waiting for it to show "any day now" for some time, that date doesn't sound all that crazy. [Nikon Rumors and Nikon Rumors]

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"D-five-thousand", wow. That sounds aggressive!

They'll soon have to enlarge the side opposite to the grip to accommodate the long model number.