Nikon D5000 Cheap DSLR With HD Video and Swivel Display Outed Next Week?

Maybe the photo show next week won't be lacking DSLRs—Nikon Rumors claims a "90% chance" that Nikon will be revealing the D5000, a 12.3MP entry-level DSLR with Live View, video and a swivel display.

Earlier, Nikon Rumors had reported that the D5000 would be a lot like their mid-level D90—with a 12.3-megapixel sensor, Live View and video recording—but with no built-in autofocus motor or top-level LCD like the current D60. What'd you get instead is a new kind of flash and tilt-y swivel display like you see on some super zoom cameras.


If this this thing is cheap and small enough, what do you need a super-zoom camera for? And if HD video recording is now in the lowest level DSLR, it's only a matter of one generation of turnover before all DSLRs shoot HD video.

Here's hoping, though, since most everybody has already pooped their new camera offerings, and I'd like at least a couple surprises next week at PMA. [Nikon Rumors]

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