Is This What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

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Reportedly, in the latest beta of Apple's Photo Stream app, there's a verrrry interesting icon repping for the iPhone—an iPhone that sorta doesn't look any other iPhone yet.


The screen is larger and seems wiiiiiider, stretching further out—with the phone having slightly different proportions than the current iPhones. (Update: To clarify! My working assumption in saying the screen seems wider is that the screen is larger—3.7 inches, as previously rumored—but with the same resolution/proportions—960x640—and the phone shortened. So compared to the current iPhones, the screen is going to appear wider. Because it's physically bigger, taking up a larger amount of the phone—but the phone is shorter, even though the actual proportions are going to be the same. Also, consider the wider home button. Like so. If it's the same size screen, it's just gonna look shorter. Make sense?)

The home button looks wider too, almost like a little gesture area. (Another reason It's kind of a dead ringer for This Is My Next's rendering, when seen dead on. Moreover, it matches the design implied by the latest "iPhone 5" case mockups. And given that the screenshot is coming from Apple software, it's definitely interesting.

Illustration for article titled Is This What the iPhone 5 Looks Like?

Let's look closer. ENHANCE! (Click to embiggen for full enhancement.)

So, this is what we're kind of thinking is looking likelier and likelier: This all-new design, seen again and again, is very possibly what the iPhone 5 looks like. And all the iPhone 4-y parts floating around? They're probably for a cheaper iPhone 4 model, that'll be sold just like the current cheap-o iPhone 3GS.


Or you know, who knows! Maybe we're just seeing what we want to. Maybe Apple will pull an iPhone 3GS all over again, delivering the iPhone 4S. I'd really like a brand new, all new iPhone 5 though. [9to5Mac]




"The screen is larger and wider, stretching all the way to the bezel."

Doesn't every screen ever stretch all the way to the bezel? By definition of the bezel is "a retaining outer rim"

I'm not trying to Troll here, I'm just saying, that's not a very unique feature for this or any phone.